Free your pocket or backpack space and put your bottle on your board!


This is the Board Bottle Buddy or BBB and it will hold your water bottle while you board and give you EASY access ANYTIME!!


How many of us just love that 1st drink from an ice cold beverage? Well this is as close to pulling your drink straight outta the fridge EVERY time you take a sip! 
Say goodbye to warm drinks stored in pockets! 
The BBB will also never interfere with your boarding since gravity is on your side, so you'll never have to worry about its weight.

My Pockets don’t have zippers, just velcro. You don’t know how many times I lost a water bottle cause I assumed it was going to stay in my pocket. Not anymore!
— Robert
Last time my Boyfriend carried my water bottle it cracked open and leaked all over him. Never again!
— Veronica
A nice chilled drink is always nice. Who wants a warm drink from it being stuffed in your pockets.
— David
My pockets are never big enough for bottle and I HATE riding with a bottle! I LOVE IT!
— Lela
I literally can pull the bottle out and drink while I’m riding. So easy to pull out and place back in. Genius!
— Yesenia
At first it looked like it was going to be too obtrusive and going to get in the way. Nope not at all. You really can’t tell you have it on. You have to try it.
— Amy

At First glance you think, what the heck is that?  Next you see what it does and how simple it is.  Then you want to have one. 

All Board Bottle Buddies are made to order and hand made. As the plastic hardens after the mold process it bends slightly here and there so they may look non produced as you will see in the pictures but that will not mean it does not work.  We have been testing them since last year and proud to put them on the market now! 

All Board Bottle Buddies are custom made to order.  I stand by my product 100% and will even guarantee full functionality.  If for any reason it breaks I will replace it in a heartbeat.  I abnormally bashed, and beat the prototypes so I'm confident that under regularuse they will withstand their durability.  You can be assured that as soon as an order is placed you will receive it ASAP.  You won't regret your decision, and your friends will instantly feel jealous when they have to pull theirs from a warm pocket! 

Since I make these here in CA I'm proud to say that these are made in the USA .