• Will the weight of the bottle mess up my riding?

    • No. Your weight is centered on the board or skis, and the BBB attaches near the center as well. To add more weight to your pivot point, attach the BBB in front of your front foot.


  • Will it slow me down in powder?
    • No.  The BBB sits right next to your boot, so any powder that it encounters will hit the boot too.


  • What is the BBB made of?
    • The BBB is made of a durable, HDPE.  Very light and durable plastic. 


  • What is the warranty on the BBB?
    • We will get you a new one Immediately if it ever breaks.  Or if you don't like it at all then return it within 30 days for a full refund. 


  • Will the bottle fall out if I wipeout?
    • No, this is not a cup holder. The design is a patent pending design that is unique and what gives it the ability to grip the bottle.  If it's a major wipeout depending on how you hit the ground it may come out but it would have to be a pretty hard AND fast fall. 



  • Can I put a can in the holder like a tall boy?
    • No. The legs of the BBB will squeeze the can and may cause it to burst or break. Bottles with a screw on lid will retain their shape.

  • I have an EST Channel Burton Board. How will I install it on my board? 
    • You will need to buy two more of the small inserts and then use that to install the BBB.  Here is a link for Amazon that sells these.  You can place the BBB anywhere you like on the board with the EST channel system, and you can theoretically install more than one if you buy more inserts.    Click here for the Channel Inserts

  • Can I install the BBB on Skis? 
    • Yes!

INSTALLAtion video