Will the weight of the bottle mess up my riding?

No. Since gravity is always on your side its not really going to make it seem heavier.  Maybe on the lift while your board is hanging you might feel a little more weight but the solid boot absorbs most of it.  A trick you could do is place it in the front foot. Since the front foot is where you pivot when you ride you will not feel the extra weight since its the back foot that is doing the turning. 

Do I install it in the front or back?

That's your choice and preference.  Its going to depend on your stance and if you might need to adjust it a little to make extra room to expose extra holes.  You can install it on the inside or outside, front or back.  

Will it slow me down in powder?

No.  The BBB sits right next to your boot, so any powder that it encounters will be encountered by your boot as well. 

What is the BBB made of? I know some plastics when frozen get brittle and will break. 

The BBB is made of a super durable plastic that we have put through the ringer and we cannot get it to break unless we physically take a saw to it.  The arms can bend at more than 90 degrees and they will just bend but go back to its original shape so long as its not held like that for a long time. Under normal use it will not break. You can toss it in your bag at the end without having to worry about it breaking.  

What is the warranty on the BBB?

We will get you a new one Immediately if it ever breaks.  Or if you don't like it at all then return it within 30 days for a full refund. 

Will the bottle fall out if I wipe out?

Just depends on how you fall. Most falls no and it also varies on how full the bottle is. The more full it is the more likely it will fall out in a wipe out.  It takes a pretty hard fall to get it to pop out. If it does more likely than not the bottle is nearby. Look for it and slip it back in the holder.  If you fall a lot you can also take some thick rubber bands and wrap them around the center and that will add more gripping power. 

Can I put it on another board if I get a new board?

Absolutely!  Most of the snowboard bolt holes for the bindings are standard sizes and the holes in the BBB are the same size. We will include extra bolts for you to install the BBB. 

What if I only have 1 hole available to install the BBB?

You can try to move the bindings over or just use 1 hole and make sure its super tight. The BBB will wiggle around a little more but it will still hold.  We tested it in this manor  just in case and we had no issues. We will continue to test the one hole installation for the rest of the season with some of our R&D Riders and update this if it seems like it will be a problem. So far, no issues. 

What if I don't have any available holes on my board? They are all covered up by the bindings.

You need to scoot the bindings over forward or backward for this to work. We are working on a solution for this problem at the moment and will announce it when we do.  

What is the size of the opening at the top, so i can see if my water bottle will fit? 

3 inches.  Almost ANY 16.9 oz water bottle will fit and even some skinny 1L bottles.  

Can I put a can in the holder like a tall boy?

No. The Legs of the BBB will squeeze the can and then you will have issues. The reason it can hold a water bottle is because even when you drink the liquid so long as the lid is closed the shape will remain the same.     

I have an EST Channel Burton Board. How will I install it on my board? 

You will need to buy 2 more of the small inserts and then use that to install the BBB.  Here is a link for Amazon that sells these.  Good news is that you have a lot more options on where to place the BBB with the EST channel system and you can theoretically install more than 1 if you buy more inserts.    Click here for the Channel Inserts

Can I install the BBB on Skis? 

No. Unfortunately skis don't have binding holes but we are looking to do some adaptor you can attach to a ski binding.